How to plan a Halloween Party on a Budget

Ah fall. Such a wonderful time of year. Crisp air, beautiful leaves, jackets, scarves, boots (really all cold weather clothes), and our favorite holiday, Halloween. There are so many great things about Halloween but our personal favorite are costume parties. We’re here to help you figure out how to throw an awesome Halloween party without breaking the bank.

First step in any Halloween celebration is to figure out your costume. There are tons of costume stores all around Boston but they can get pretty pricy for something you’ll (probably) wear just once. Maybe this is the year to try a Do-It-Yourself (DIY) costume! TONS of options are out there and most sites will even provide helpful step-by-step instructions on how to create your costume. Try using clothes you already have in your closet and finding a way to incorporate those into your costume.  A quick Google search brought up 12.7 million results on DIY costumes so hopefully there is some inspiration out there for everyone.

If a DIY costume is not up your alley, you could host a costume swap before the party “officially” begins to trade costumes with your friends from previous years!

Our next recommendation for keeping your party in budget is to schedule your actual Halloween party the day, or weekend, after Halloween. Think of all the discounted candy you can buy to shower your guests with and you’ll get to continue to ride the Halloween spirit train (no pun intended).

Speaking of food, there are some great Halloween activities that can also feed your guests. If Pinterest can give you any idea there are literally hundreds of awesome Halloween treats you can have your guests decorate or participate in, but our top three are: Bobbing for apples, candy apple decoration, and lollypop ghosts.

Now that we’ve gotten food, activities, and costumes covered the next hot ticket item is decorations. Craft stores will often put Halloween decorations on sale right before and after Halloween so while pickings may be slimmer, you can get great discounts on awesome products. Small pumpkins bought in bulk spread out throughout your party space can give your home a quick and cheap fall feeling. If you’re feeling extra creative you can get some cheap paint or use a sharpie and put different faces on all of the pumpkins! Another great decoration idea are paper ghosts. There are a few different ways to accomplish paper ghosts, you can use standard white printing paper, tissue paper, or even cotton balls! Whatever you decide on, they are a cheap festive way to tie any space together.

There are TONS of other ways to keep your Halloween party on a budget. For assistance with crafting a budget for any time of year check out SALT Money!

Until next time!



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