A Day in the Life: The SSC Blogs

Up next in our series of staff profiles is Stephanie Reynolds. Stephanie has been working at Wentworth for (semi-close) to a year now! She has a bachelor’s degree from Bridgewater State University and a Master’s in Education for School Counseling from UMass Boston. She holds a license as a Massachusetts school counselor for grades 5-12 so baaaaaaasically she is equipped to handle any situation.


Okay, I won’t leave you waiting any longer. Here are her answers from our interview!


What do you love most about Wentworth?


Aside from the great education, what I love most about Wentworth is the people and the culture here on campus. I think students really find their “fit” here. I think it is easy to find other students with similar interests and there are so many organizations on campus that students can feel really connected with their peers.


In financial aid, I have been lucky to work with such a great group of counselors who really enjoy what they do. We are a group of 9 people all with different personalities but everyone works well together to provide the best service for our students and their families. Every day I look forward to seeing my coworkers and collaborating together!


What piece of advice would you offer to a student?

I would tell students to become informed consumers when it comes to their school finances. Don’t just have your parent or guardian handle everything for you. You want to make sure that you know what you are signing up for. Also, students should read as much as you can about loans and make sure you understand fully what you are taking out. You will need to pay your loans back and sometimes the amounts may have an effect on your finances after you graduate. You might have to put off getting an apartment or buying a house while you are trying to make loan payments!

Also, everything we send out is through email so make sure you check your Wentworth email account daily! And last of all, make sure you get involved as much as you can on campus. You want to take the best out of your college experience!

What are your job specialties?

I cover a caseload of students with last names R-V. I also help with Boston Public School scholarships and I work with the Perkins Loan program.

What is something someone may not know about you?

I am ambidextrous. I write primarily left handed but can play many sports using my right hand.

So that’s Stephanie, as you can see she is pretty awesome. Stay tuned for our next staff profile!


Until next time!




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