Ready for launch! FA GetAnswers

Here in the Financial Aid Office, we strive to educate the Wentworth community about all things financial aid in hopes of creating a greater sense of financial literacy amongst the community. From SALT to financial counselors to this blog we are always looking for new and exciting ways to educate.

We are so excited to be introducing Financial Aid TV GetAnswers! GetAnwers is an online library of short video clips that communicate complex financial aid information on demand in an easy to understand style. The videos are about 60-90 seconds long and range a vast number of topics from financial aid, financial literacy, loans, grants, veteran’s and more! We even have videos that are translated in Spanish and ones that’ll be of interest to your parents.

You can check out the entire series of videos here: 

As you can see there are TONS of topics covered in these videos. If you find yourself at 1am curious about financial aid issues (totally happens all the time) you don’t have to wait for our office to open anymore.

The site is organized either by video or playlist. If there is a particular topic you want to know more about there may be a playlist to cover it!

As always, the financial aid office is happy to address any questions you may have so please feel free to reach out to your counselor anytime!

Until next time!



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