A Day in the Life: The SSC Blogs

As a refresher we have been working on blog posts all about our amazing staff members! We do these for a few reasons, first being that our office is packed full of awesome people, but second that we hope these posts will help you figure out who the best person to reach out to will be!

We did our first post on Katie Paquin (you can read that here!) but next up is another one of our financial aid counselors, Derek Lewis. Derek is a transplat from California that arrived in Boston for school about 12 years ago and never left! (Who can blame him? We are in such an awesome city) He has two degrees in French Horn Performance (BM and MM) but has been working in higher ed for a number of years. He was previously the Operations Assistant in the Admissions office here at Wentworth! You can still spot him playing his French horn all around Boston and we hope it’s the color blue! He enjoys making fermented pickles in the summer and roasting large pieces of meat in the winter.

What do you love most about Wentworth?

The proximity to the orange line. Also, working next to Dan Roark (one of our awesome registrar office members!). But seriously…

The staff and faculty for sure. Although I’m not a student here I do work with faculty and staff daily. I’ve had a few instances where I’ve approached faculty with questions about my own personal hobby projects and they have always been willing to take the time and help. It’s great to see a community that is devoted to all aspects of education.

What piece of advice would you offer to a student?

Make some friends and colleagues outside of your applied major. You never know when an opportunity for a collaboration will show itself down the road.

What are your job specialties?

In addition to being a financial aid counselor I am the Student Employment Coordinator.

What is something someone may not know about you?

My family tree has me linked to royalty in Luxembourg…I’m hoping to get a haunted castle out of it sometime in the future.

Final question- give us a fun fact about yourself.

I cure my own bacon and pancetta

We hoped you enjoyed learning about Derek! We will continue these series of posts throughout 2016 so keep an eye out!

Until next time!




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