Scholarships 101- Redux

Last year the scholarship applications was an amazing success with over 300 awards given out to students. We almost tripled the number of submitted applications and are hoping to make those numbers go even higher this year!


This post may seem a little familiar to you but that’s because we posted something very similar last year when our endowed scholarships opened up but some things have changed between this year and last so even if it seems familiar we definitely recommend giving it another read- through!


Wentworth’s various endowed scholarships are now available on Academic Works. These scholarships are a great opportunity for student’s to get additional funds to help with the cost of their education and we have lots of them!

For those of you who don’t know these scholarship opportunities are available due to generous donations made to the college from various sources, including alumni, faculty, staff, corporations and one from our very own President Pantic!

It is important to note that in most cases you must be a returning WIT student to be considered, meaning you have completed at least one semester at WIT during the 15/16 academic year.

There are some specific qualifications set by the donors for the awards but it is easy to tell on Academic Works if you fit the qualifications or not. In this post we will review best practices for these applications and tips on how to maximize your chances of being awarded a scholarship.

First things first, let’s go over how to actually apply. Go to and log in with your standard Wentworth log-in (what you use to get into the computer). This should direct you to the main scholarship page where you can submit your General Application, let’s call it GA for short. The GA is probably the most important part of your application so be sure to fill it out to the best of your abilities. There are three sections to the GA- demographic questions, activities, and essays.

Please note that ALL questions MUST be answered fully in order to even be considered for a scholarship. We will NOT consider anyone who does not fully complete the application. This means that if you do not answer even one of the essay questions your application will not be considered. Keep in mind that even if you fill out your application but don’t hit that submit button it won’t process through and you will not be considered.

Additionally no late applications will be accepted. The deadline for these awards is June 1st– that gives you close to 6 months to complete. They close at 11:59pm on the deadline date which means come 12:01 on June 2nd they will no longer be available.This is an automated function and no exceptions will be made.

Now that we’ve gotten that bit out of the way let’s talk about best practices. The first section of demographic information is pretty simple and straightforward. We recommend using your WIT email address on the application itself.

*One important change to note on the question regarding your classification- we have added additional options for CPCE and Graduate students. Please reflect your current status as accurately as possible as it will help determine your eligibility for various scholarships.

The second section is all about activities. Now these can range from on campus involvement, high school activities, Co-Op’s, Internships, jobs, anything really! Just list the relevant items that you are doing while enrolled at WIT. We limit it to five so pick the most relevant to your application!

The third section is the most important- the essays. There are four different essay questions that, again, must ALL be fully answered to be considered. Grammar and spelling do count towards your consideration so we recommend writing your essays in a program like Word so that you can run the checks on the essays. The application also times out after a period of time so in order to not lose your progress we recommend writing all essays in a Word or text doc.

The scholarship committee uses these essays to get a feel for who you are, your goals, and why you would benefit from this award so be honest but also remember that you are applying for scholarship funds so appropriate language is key. There is a minimum word requirement (150 words) – this is an increase from last year so be sure to pay attention to your word count- rather than character count. That being said feel free to write until you feel the question is answered fully.

If you feel as though you are struggling with your writing abilities The Learning Center has professional writing tutors that can assist with grammar and sentence structure. You can find more information about their office here

The cool thing about Academic Works is that once you hit that submit button you will be auto-matched to various scholarships based on your qualifications. It is still important to go through the scholarships to apply directly to some awards as some of the scholarships require additional information that is not covered in the general application.

Once you’ve applied to all the scholarships you feel you would be a good match for and you have fully submitted your application there isn’t much else you need to do. Review will begin over the summer and awarding takes some time on the committee part. You can expect to hear back in the fall semester.

We also highly recommend that students look to outside scholarships to assist with your balance. As we’ve mentioned in our past few posts, SALT is such a great resource for students on how to find scholarships that best suit their needs. We recommend starting with this article on “Where to Find Scholarships” as a great jumping off point. If you are an International student check out this video to help you in your search as it can be a bit more complicated.

As always if you have questions feel free to contact us!

See you next time!




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