Don’t be a SAP (Satisfactory Academic Progress that is)

If you receive financial aid you may have heard the term SAP thrown around before. SAP refers to Satisfactory Academic Progress. SAP is a federal and state regulation that requires students to be maintaining academic progress towards completing their degree. There are two components of SAP and not meeting either one of them can result in a suspension of financial aid.

So you may be wondering what are the components of SAP? Well first, as expected, there is a GPA requirement. We created a helpful chart below for reference as GPA requirements range from whether or not you are a day student, undergraduate CPCE, or graduate student.

Total Credits Earned Minimum Cumulative Grade Point Average Required For SAP
Undergraduate Associate/Baccalaureate CPCE Undergraduate Baccalaureate  Day Graduate
0-31 1.85 1.75 3.0
32+ 2.0 2.0 3.0


The other requirement comes from your attempted vs earned credits. Student’s must complete (with a passing grade that is) at least 66.67% of your courses attempted. So what exactly does that mean? Let’s say that you are enrolled in four courses. You withdraw from one of the courses, fail another, but pass the remaining two. Since you withdrew and failed one course those would not count as earned credits; however the courses you passed do. This would mean you would have a 50% ratio of attempted vs earned credits.

It is important to keep in mind that anything below that 66.67% mark is considered unsatisfactory. Even if you are sitting at 66.65% it still will not be meeting the criteria. Same thing goes for your GPA. If you sit at a 1.99 as sophomore, junior, or senior it will not be making the cut.

Another important thing to note is that all credits taken at Wentworth count towards SAP, regardless if your change your major. If you found yourself doing poorly in your original major, changed and are doing better there is still a chance you will not be meeting SAP.

If you find yourself in a situation where you are not doing well in school there are options for you. The financial aid office will accept SAP appeals from anyone not meeting satisfactory academic progress. Please be aware that submission of an appeal does not guarantee approval. You must have a sufficient reason to not be meeting SAP according to the regulations and our appeals process. We also highly recommend talking with professors and using the resources on campus if you need assistance.

For more information regarding SAP we highly recommend this awesome article from SALT Money.

As always feel free to reach out to us with questions! Until next time!



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