SALT- It’s not just for food!

You may have heard the word “salt” uttered around the Student Service Center and while some may have been talking about the delicious seasoning the rest of us were talking about $alt Money.

Salt is a nonprofit organization that was created by the American Student Assistance to help students around the United States make great decisions about paying for and paying back the cost of their education. And the best thing? It’s free.

Salt strives to help each and every student who wants a college degree get it in the most financially responsible way possible. They can help you compare loan options- both federal and private, personalize a repayment plan for loans and even have resources on how to find scholarships, internships and jobs! It’s really a full circle type of deal with them.

Salt also provides information based on the type of degree you are interested in. From Associate’s to Master’s degree’s Salt has a plethora of resources available no matter what you want from your tenure in higher education.

So how can you take advantage of this great- and did I mention free- resource? By going to right now and registering with your Wentworth email address. Registration takes about 30 seconds to unlock a world of amazing articles, resources and guides. That’s like listening to a chorus of a Taylor Swift song.

Each month we are going to be highlighting one of Salt’s great features and providing some great information and articles on a wide range of topics. Interested in scholarships? How about loan repayment? No matter where you are in your Wentworth career there is something for you.

Check out this blog each month for posts on the following topics:

February: Refunds and budgeting

March: Scholarships

April: Loan Repayment

May: Career and job applications

June: Financial aid awards

July: Loans- federal and private

August– Budgeting 101

Until next time!



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