FERPA stands for what?

FERPA- it is not just a funny phrase you hear higher education professionals throwing around. FERPA stands for The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act and that name may not help you understand it any better but that is what we are here for. FERPA was passed in 1974 and is a federal law in place to protect student’s attending higher education institutions.

FERPA comes into effect when a student enrolls in an institution of higher education and/or the student turns 18. At Wentworth, the student is considered as enrolled once the student registers for a course. There are several rights granted to students under the FERPA act in regards to their educational records.

Students have the right to consent to disclose personally identifiable information contained in their educational records. Without such a consent no information regarding a student’s account may be disclosed to any party- including parent’s/ spouse or other family members

As a student you have to inform Wentworth of any and all people you consent us  to speak regarding your accounts, account, grades, financial aid records, billing, payments, and veteran records. That means your parents, spouse, other family members, and guidance counselors, etc. 

No information or  records will  be released unless you provide written consent by completing the  FERPA Form that student’s submit you can indicate all educational records or just a few.

As the student it is your decision. You can submit the release from by completing the form (http://www.wit.edu/ssc/forms/FERPA%20release%20form%20WIT.pdf) and returning it in person at the Student Service Center, or by mail, fax (617-989-4201) or e-mail (ssc@wit.edu.)

Hopefully this helped explain FERPA! As always see you next time!



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