Meet Your Financial Aid Staff

Each student- incoming and returning- at Wentworth is assigned a financial aid counselor based on their last name. Have you met your counselor yet? If not don’t fret we are here to give you a brief introduction of who this stunning team of counselors are.

These amazing people will be the ones processing your aid, contacting you with issues and attending to all your financial aid needs. Needless to say they are quite good at what they do.

Nathaniel AKA “Ned”  is the counselor for students with last names ending in C,D and E. He has worked at Wentworth for almost two years. You may recognize his name from Yelp because he is really into writing Yelp reviews. (3) funny (5) useful (6) cool

Rae manages students with last names of F,G,H and I. He has been at Wentworth for a little over 5 years now and originally started in SSR before he moved over to financial aid. And if you’re one of those people who loves unique/ awesome sneakers then he is your guy. He has one extensive sneaker collection going.

Mady works with students with J,K,L,M and N last names. She has been working at Wentworth for 5 days now and is loving it thus far. She is a recent grad from Emerson College and loves video games, Doctor Who, and Battlestar Galactica. She will gladly talk geek culture with anyone at literally anytime.

Christina is the counselor for those with O,P,Q,R, and S last names. She joined the WIT community in 2011 and is our work study coordinator/ guru. Basically if you have questions regarding work study she is your gal.

And finally we have Ricardo who is the counselor for A, B, T, U, V, W, X, Y and Z. He has been working at Wentworth since February of this year. Ricardo loves independent films and financial aid but if he wasn’t doing this job then he  would be a Mexican Lucha Libre wrestler. *picture for reference*


So what other amazing people do we have on our team? Well we have the managers of course! Let’s start with our Associate Directors.

Shannon Glaser has been working at Wentworth for about a week now and is already rocking it. Outside of Wentworth she brews her own beer which makes her The Most Interesting Woman at Wentworth.

Adriana Mendes is our next Associate Director. She has been working at Wentworth for two weeks now. She grew up in Bogota, Columbia and has traveled all over North and South America for disaster relief and humanitarian work. She has even started her own non-profit organization.

And finally we have our fearless leader Anne Marie-Caruso. She has been working at Wentworth for over six years now and our team would be pretty lost without her.

That is the financial aid staff that is here to assist you. We are a part of the Student Service Center at large and certainly wouldn’t be able to function without our Student Services, International Relations, Student Financial Services and Registrar counterparts. If you ever have questions or just want to come say hi our office is open 8 to 6 Monday- Thursday and 8:15-4:45 on Friday’s.

Until next time!



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